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BZC907 – Mantra Mocha

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Waterproof Waterproof
Softer And Warmer Underfoot Softer and Warmer Underfoot
Quiet Quiet
Scratch, Dent and Wear Resistant Scratch, Dent and Wear Resistant
Realistic Visuals Realistic Visuals
Increased Stability Increased Stability
  • Dimensions

    W: 9” (228mm)|L: 60” (1500mm)| T:8mm

  • Construction

    Hybrid Engineered Vinyl Plank

  • Installation

    Välinge 5G Locking System (Floating)

  • Wear Layer


  • Surface Texture

    Embossed in Register (EIR)

  • Measurement Note

    6.5mm core + 1.5mm IXPE pad

  • Packaging

    22.09 sq ft / ctn

  • Warranty

    15 Year Limited Commercial |Lifetime Limited Residential Warranty

  • Certification

    FloorScore® Certified

  • Surface Finish

    Polyurethane with Anti Scratch

  • Edge Type

    Painted Bevel

  • Visual

    Super Matte

  • Special Features

    Waterproof, Quiet, Warmer Underfoot

  • Product Rating



Zen Core is specialized material that is 30% less dense than traditional stone core products. This makes Bliss w/Zen Core significantly more pleasant to live on because its softer, warmer, and quieter than traditional rigid flooring products. We also integrated a 30mil commercial wear layer and perfectly balanced construction, so you can stress less about the performance and longevity of your floor.

Why choose Bliss w/Zen Core?


100% waterproof against topical moisture. The ideal flooring for moisture-prone areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements.

Softer and Warmer Underfoot

Feel the difference! Bliss with Zen Core’s unique construction allows it to be noticeably softer and warmer underfoot than traditional rigid products.


The combination of Zen Core and Premium Attached Cushion results in sound experience that is significantly more pleasant both within the space the product is installed and the room below.

Scratch, Dent, and Wear Resistant

The 30mil commercial grade wear layer and enhanced UV coating provides exceptional durability. Perfect for busy homes and commercial spaces.

Realistic Visuals

Bliss with Zen Core blends style with functionality. Wide and long planks are matched with an Embossing In Register surface, giving you a look and feels that’s virtually indistinguishable from high end Hardwood Flooring.

Increased Stability

The multi ply structure gives Bliss with Zen Core more stability when faced with changes in temperature.

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